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JoyPen – Capacitive stylus
JoyPen – Capacitive stylus
JoyPen – Capacitive stylus
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JoyPen – Capacitive stylusJoyPen - Capacitive stylus

The capacitive touch screen is why the tablets and smart phones are crazy popular nowadays. But the extremely easy operating way causes some issues unexpected.
Fingers are always the easiest way to operate those touch screen devices. Sometimes they become the tool which are most difficult to use when we need precision and speed. Not smooth and thick fingers, beautiful long nails with decoration and the gathered finger prints on screen day by day. Don't you feel that's a primitive way to handle advanced gadget?

The answer of most people to solve these issues supposed to be capacitive stylus with rubber tip. Are you sure the rubber tip stylus in hand is the right one? After several weeks of using, you will prefer finger to stylus because it's not smooth any more.

JoyPen comes to solve those problems which the regular capacitive stylus caused. JoyPen has a patented special design of penpoint structure with smart fabric covered. The duration is far far exceed regular one's. Unbelievable smooth than you can image and never experienced with regular stylus. How? Try it and you will get it.


  1. Smooth writing on each stroke.
  2. Fingerprints-free on the screen.
  3. Use touch screen device easily when with long nails or gloves.
  4. Pinpoint the desired spot to optimize writing, drawing, and gaming performance.
  5. A utmost of 120 degree of writing angle to cater to all kinds of writing habits.
  6. Exclusive structure design patent of pen point and covered by smart fabric, offering unbelievable smooth experience.
  7. Aluminum material with ergonomics design for best performance and comfort.
  8. More durable than rubber pen point.
  9. Support most of capacitive touch screens.
JoyPen – Capacitive stylus JoyPen – Capacitive stylus JoyPen – Capacitive stylus